When is enough, enough?

February 21, 2012 § 1 Comment

Leonard Kriegel’s essay at first glance was very inspiring. To read of a man that would do anything to overcome his disease is valiant and brave. But the reasons behind this strong desire to conquer are all instilled and expected from an American man, and in my opinion, the majority of men around the globe. Growing up, I remember my father telling my brother to “be a man” countless times, and found myself repeating the same thing to my younger brother even before he reached a ripening age. To be “a man” is to be courageous and to never give up, to always aspire to win, but not all men are this way, and not all men have “what it takes”. I sympathize men because, just like women, they are also under constant pressure from society. They are pushed into becoming this immortal man who’s finely sculpted, to becoming a knight in shining armor, to be more inclined towards the rough and tough, to know how to fix cars and homes, to be extremely intelligent and independent, to make all the money and of course, you can’t cry or show feelings about it like a girl… you have to take it because you’re “a man”.

I honor the man who decides when enough is enough, who shows his feelings and doesn’t mind giving up either to better himself, his family or his community. I admire the man who isn’t the typical Alpha, but the loving Beta; and I respect the man who is who he is regardless of what society may expect from him. I feel that every man and every woman is a completely different individual with unique personal experiences that define who they are. We can’t expect to keep thinking that every man has to be this way and every woman has to be that way, no. These expectations that we have of people can have serious effects on them, such as Kriegel who “burns with pain” because of his desire to be a part of this American way. When will enough be just that?



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  • futurepublicist2013 says:

    Not to have a negative outlook but I think enough will never be enough. It will just become bearable.

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