Eating disorders and beauty

February 20, 2012 § 1 Comment

After reading these two essays this past week it really showed a new perspective of how women view themselves. Being a young woman I have seen a lot of things through the media about body image, beauty and how a woman is expected to look. Once you start getting into your teens the body image starts to become a high president in a woman’s life. I saw a lot of girls struggle with eating disorders and trying to have the perfect body starting in 8th grade. After reading these essays I agree with them when they said that some eating disorders are a production from stress but I have to disagree in saying that race and other parts from the essay are from eating disorders.

While reading these essay I felt sadden by what these women went through and how they weren’t considered eating disorders because of their race. When the woman was talking about being beat and would not eat because of it I felt awful and feel as though women are treated poorly. Also, the woman who would compulsively eat after her children went to bed made me feel very bad for her. Being a woman, I feel as though having to provide for a family, or having stress from different things can cause many eating disorders. The media portrays woman to be perfect and having to live up to these expectations. The stress of media and of family life is enough for woman and they should not feel as if they need to be under this pressure.


§ One Response to Eating disorders and beauty

  • nurumu says:

    Although the media does have a huge impact on women and how they should be, I feel like the major issue is the fact that the majority of eating disorders are caused by traumas, and most of them at a very young age. I completely agree with you when you say that women shouldn’t feel pressured from this fashioned society, but I also think that more discussions on abuse and racism should take place to minimize these horrible effects.

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