Is it really okay to be fat?

February 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

Although one would applaud Christy Haubegger getting comfortable with her own body size, one cannot disregard the fact that in society today, how much you weigh equals how much you’re discriminated against. In fact, no one wishes specifically to become fat – no one wishes to become unattractive. Girls want to be slim, whether or not they’re straight. While on the other hand, even though guys would like a little more weight on their bodies, they wish for muscle weight, not fat. In fact, the only girls I’ve heard who doesn’t mind being fat, are those who are already somewhat overweight. And those guys who say they don’t mind having their girls more ‘curvier’, they only mean having those fats in all the right places. Aka, the boobs and butt. And finally, even celebrities who achieved fame while being overweight (and some even brag about being comfortable in their own bodies), mostly end up with some sort of diet scheme or surgery in the near future to get rid of their excess fat.

But why is being overweight looked upon as a bad thing? The most obvious reason is that people naturally assume that it is your choice to be overweight. Unlike coming into this world as the fairer sex or a colored person, there is no such thing as a fat embryo or sperm. Of course, that is not to say a person couldn’t inherit lower metabolism or a predisposition towards obesity in their genetics, but according to the normal person’s reasoning, everyone could become thin/slim as long as they put in some amount of effort. Therefore, being fat is translated into laziness and being undisciplined.

Being fat also means you get ‘hounded’ by dozens of health professionals in the world warning you of an early death. People don’t take obesity seriously enough, nothing can be more true than those who are unwilling to take action against their obesity. In fact, an obese man died of a heart attack last week and what was he doing? Eating an oversized burger... called the Triple Bypass Burger. The most ironic thing is that the restaurant who served the burger was named the Heart Attack Grill, who serves people who are more than 350 lbs for free. The thing is, the market would do whatever they want as long as they earn money from doing what they do, they could care not if you died from a heart attack in their restaurant (They’d most likely welcome it for the free publicity). It is up to you to make that choice whether you want to be healthy or otherwise.

What is wrong with conforming to the norm? To sacrifice a little of your self pride just to work out a little or eat a little less. To make yourself a better life with less discrimination and with less health risks. What is wrong with setting an example for others that just because you’ve accidently grown wider, doesn’t mean you cannot do anything about it. What is wrong with wanting to become thin?



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