February 16, 2012 § 1 Comment

I found Essay 13, Who’s the Fairest of Them All very interesting because I personally have many friends who always talk about how they wish they had a fairer skin complexion. These friends of mine are originally from south India where the skin tone of the Indians is very dark. In India, there is this mindset that peoples who come from the south are less beautiful then the people who hail from northern India, where the skin complexion is very fair. In Indian culture, beauty is always shown through the depiction of northern Indians. The media in India do not deem dark skinned people as beautiful so they receive very little attention from the beauty industry. In fact, I can’t even think of a single Bollywood actor/actress (India’s Hollywood) who is south Indian.

This issue of not accepting oneself for who they are is a very sad and detrimental problem within our society. This is a universal problem and fixing it will be very difficult because the mass media has great influence on peoples viewpoints and they have already established that fairer skin toned people with long straight hair is what they deem beautiful. People who do not share these characteristics will feel as if they are less attractive unless parents and teachers teach their children from a very young age that beauty is something found in the inside and looking different from one another should be celebrated and not deemed as ugly. However, if people really want to tackle the root of the issue, they need to stand up to the media and demand that they stop depicting certain people more beautiful than others. If these things can be accomplished, I believe people will be more accepting of who they are and what they look like.


  • smschutt says:

    Reading and hearing about this wanting to be lighter skinned is very new to me and surprising. In the ninth grade I received a modeling contract to living in Japan for the summer and model, one thing I was asked not to do was tan or get any sort of sun light because they loved my light skin. I never ever thought twice about this light skin ordeal. In the back of my mind I have always been confused about there culture liking light skin because I know the I prefer to be as dark as possible. During the summer I am a lifeguard and we girls like to see who can get the darkest. We are usually jealous if we are not the darkest. Its funny to see that people with dark skin want to be lighter and the ones with light skin want to be darker. The fact of it is that media has molded our minds to find this prefect type that doesn’t even really exist, we will spend the majority of our life’s searching and trying to be this “prefect” but what we really need to be doing is accepting ourselves as beautify and unique in our own skin.

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