Beauty in the Spirit

February 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

Leslie Silko’s article, “Yellow Woman and a Beauty of the Spirit” is utterly uplifting. The description that Silko gives us of a group of people that had transcended the social barriers of gender, sexuality, and public appearance. In a community where men can openly love other men, women are able to do as they are physically capable, and differences in one’s form plays little to no role in what that person is thought to be able to do borders on Utopian in theory.

I cannot deny my envy of such a place. Reading this article felt like I was reading a beautiful short story of complete fiction. I felt the surrealism of the piece as coming from a person born in the age of stigma and societal differences. It was almost as if I anticipated the story to take some sort of Brave New World spin or an Ayn Rand kind of take off into the dystopian madness. A world like this, to me, is merely idealistic and completely impossible to achieve in this day and age.

But my own social inhibitions have not squelched my own idealism. The world that Silko portrays is one that I wish I could entertain in my own life. The beauty of such acceptance and accessibility within a community is one I would like to, if not be in, at least grace momentarily. To run my fingertips across the fabric of such a world would be a delight.

If only.



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