Yellow woman and a beauty of the spiri

February 14, 2012 § 1 Comment

I found this article very interesting and I wish we Americans lived as the Pueblo people did. In this article it is said the beauty isn’t based on looks it is based on health and achieving a sense of well being. A healthy person is said to be in harmony with the world around them and that is considered beauty. We Americans consider beauty the perfect body, perfect teeth and perfect hair, none of that matters in the pueblo community.  In the Pueblo community it is also a shared workload, no work is considered mans work or woman’s work. The work is given to who ever is able-bodied. I thought it was pretty awesome to read that women were the ones fixing the cars, laundry machines or even hunt.

Though this article didn’t give us a date of when it was written, it is hard to believe that this kind of society is even possible. Growing up in American and being use to this way of life where women are suppose to take care of the house and children while the men go to work to provide for the family it is hard to believe there could even be a different type of life style. Is it even possible to mold the minds of America to stop believing the beauty is how pretty or handsome you are? Why has America created a society that gives men in women set roles and set sexual identities and anything outside the box if frowned upon? It would be nice to think that we could change Americans thinking and create a better community like the Pueblo people have, were uniqueness is a blessing not a flaw.

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  • jyevcak says:

    I completely agree. As I was reading, the ways of the Pueblo people sounded like a Utopian society, or at least very close to perfection. She says, “Beauty was manifested in behavior and in one’s relationships with other living beings. […] The whole person had to be beautiful, not just the face or the body” (202). Yet in our Western society that is ruled by celebrities and pop culture, physical beauty is placed high above intelligence, kindness, or a fun personality. Our society’s standard of “beauty” is nearly impossible for the average woman to attain, so as a result she is made to feel that there’s something wrong with her or she isn’t good enough as she is. I thought this was a great article and just wish we could see things more like the Pueblo people do.

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