Whos the fairest of them all?

February 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

Growing up as a white female and attending an all white grade school and high school, I have never known the pressing issues that many black women have faced. After reading this chapter I found it very interesting, yet very true. Time in time out the movies we see usually do have blacks being arrested, in robbing, and shootings. When we see a music video, a black woman is always juggling her butt. The media has molded the minds of Americans to put black Americans as the bad guys.

One thing in this chapter that I really found interesting was that black women with lighter skin are portrayed as more beautiful than a black woman with darker skin. Yet growing up in a family of red heads with fair skin I know that we portray a darker completion more beautiful. We Americans go to the extremes to reach this darker complexion by tanning beds and spray tans. It is also said that many black women would try anything to make their hair look like a white women’s, by the use of weaves, relaxers, hot combs etc. to make themselves more beautiful. What is this beauty we are all trying to achieve? Why do we women need hair at all to make ourselves beautiful? Another thing is this chapter I felt was very interesting was, “ it is a psychological given that all people feel most immediately comfortable with those who look like them”. This statement is a personal truth, growing up I could never find myself able to talk to the pretty perfect flawless blondes in my class, just with the average Joes. To this day I find myself inferior to the “pretty” girls I will never be brave enough to talk to them for the thought what they might think of me.


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