A Beauty of the Spirit

February 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

I thought this essay was really interesting to read because I had never heard of a society that functioned like the old Pueblo society. There were two aspects of the society that really stuck out to me. First was the idea that “the act of comparing one living being with another was silly, because each being or thing is unique and therefore incomparably valuable because it is the only one of its kind.” In our society today, we literally have the complete opposite state of mind when measuring our own worth or the worth of others. We compare one another in all aspects of life – physical appearance, career, wealth, socioeconomic status and others. Being unique is not always valued in today’s society and it makes me wonder how different the world would be if everyone adopted the old Pueblo way of thinking.

The other aspect of society that stuck out to me was the old Pueblo view of gender. The author wrote “ … we are all a mixture of male and female, and this sexual identity is changing constantly.” I feel like we all have elements of the opposite gender in us no matter what sex we are but because of it is not always socially acceptable, some try to mask those elements. Silko also mentions that there was same sex marriage and there were no set “women and men jobs.” It makes me wonder that if the European Christians had never conquered the Americas, and the old Pueblo worldview persisted and spread, what would our world would be like? I think people would treasure differences and our idea of beauty would be more of a “feeling of harmony.”


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