Moral Agendas, Human Rights and Wealth

February 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

Factions within the global north have in the past and continue to attempt to force certain moral agendas on others residents of the global north and the world as a whole.  In many cases this has been done in ways that have had significant impact on  the female population of the world with a disproportional burden falling on the whole.  Reproductive rights have fallen firmly into category of being sacrificed to fulfill a moral agenda.  Several of these situations are mentioned in Rita Arditti’s essay on the human rights of women.

This is a distinctly American example but with Americas position as a modern world power I think it shows the issue clearly.  Over the past several years there has been a constant battle to defund Planned Parenthood.  This has taken place at the federal, state and private levels.  In this case an organization that provides necessary services to women across the country has been targeted for an incredibly small portion of its agenda.  The fight against Planned Parenthood is a safe fight for many of these groups because the services it provides are used predominantly by women who lack health insurance.

It is far easier to initially strip away the rights of poor women. They are a group that lacks the financial or political clout to force issues.  They do not have the funds to lobby and are not seen as a valuable voting block. Once a right has been de facto striped from a relativity politically powerless group it sets a president to erode that right from other groups.  In this case, tens of thousands of women would lose access to necessary health care for the lone purpose of the adoption of an almost unrelated moral agenda.  This has happened repeatedly in the global south where groups based in the global north have denied such activities as condom distribution and education in favor of less effective strategies that better fit their moral agenda.


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