The Spoken and Intriguing Word

February 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

When given the Media Review task, I did not know where to start looking or how to even search for blogs. I “Googled” a few tags and tried searching gender related topics, but that didn’t give me what I wanted. I wanted something intriguing, different, and professional all at the same time. That’s when I decided to take a look at the blogs that Professor David provided. The title that captured my attention first was “Madre” because it immediately translated in my mind as Hispanic related to mothers. I thought that could be interesting, being that I grew up around lots of Hispanics, being from Miami. But then I saw “The Feminist Wire,” and I instantly knew this is what I wanted to read. The title was intriguing to me and made me want to explore the blog site and see what it was like and what it had to offer.

The Feminist Wire is a blog site that speaks on many social, political, and gender related issues. It is a news-based blog, and is very informative on the issues and topics they bring up. The variety of captions and general topics make it easy for anyone to become interested in what it is they are discussing and writing about. I scanned through the blog site to find that they cover women’s health issues, ethnic studies, fashion, religion, and sexuality to name a few. As I was looking, there were a few captions that seemed attractive to me, so I decided to read some of the posts. They were great pieces that kept me engaged.

The blog definitely relates to gender in different aspects and from different perspectives. They express the concerns of the value of a woman in certain countries. Also how men refer to themselves as the “better half.” They also speak on gender “barricading” in countries like Israel. It was good to see such broad topics. What made it even better was the graphics and set up of the blog.

The attractiveness of the blog lures you in with its bold colors and graphics. It is set up somewhat like an online newspaper (professional oriented) and very organized. The word “feminist” is bold and in read at the top of the page, so that you focus on that when you open the webpage. The color scheme is red, blue, and black.

An editorial staff of 13 runs the blog. It is predominantly women, but they do have a few men. The staff is very diverse, in the sense that they are all different races, sexualities, and ethnicities. It allows the opinions to be diverse and open minded, and for readers to hear things from different perspectives. Public posts that are contributed to the site have to be accepted and have to be original. You have to submit it and make sure that your submission is of a good quality. This shows that they like to keep a professional manner.

After reading several articles in the blog, it gave off an informative, open-minded, and opinionated tone. Based on the tones of the blog, I would say the audience that it appeals to is all genders. It isn’t just for women or just for men. The information and articles can be pleasurable and informative to anyone. I would recommend to someone else because I found it to be pleasant, and someone else might enjoy it. Also the articles weren’t too long, they were concise and sufficient. They were easy to read, some were a little too wordy, but overall good. I also will keep up with reading it and checking in for cool and interesting articles. It helps you to become more open minded and informed of the things going on today. I like the fact that it keeps you in the loop. It is a spoken and intriguing word.



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