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As I was looking for a blog to do my Media review assignment on I stumbled across this blog. It caught my eye because of its name. The Crunk Feminist Collective. It was such an odd name that I had to check it out and see what it was all about.

This blog is of course a blog that has to do with feminism but not only does it have information on that but it also intersects identities other than gender. It intersects the identity of race but in particular the black race.

One of the post on this blog deals with Cis and trans* women of color. It has a focus of them doing a lot of work and not getting paid for it. It covers so many topics that really appeals and deals with a generation of hip hop feminists of all orientation. It goes on to explain what the term “CRUNK” means and how it can be inspirational for the movement.

The page is very modern looking with its bold fonts and colors making it very interesting to read and hold attention. Of course, with it being influenced by “CRUNK”, it appeals to the younger more modern generation more than it would appeal to any other generations. It also has a very informative, activist, and supportive tone.

I think that it’s a pretty cool blog just by the way its visual features bring you in then hit you with a load of good supportive information. I would definitely recommend this blog to someone to take a look at.  Another nice feature that I saw on the blog is that it has a booking info link. That means not only to the authors of the blog write but they also make appearances to talk in the form of both individual and collective lectures, panels, interviews, and workshops. They also have a video posted of one of their panels  and I think that is another cool thing about the blog.

I really like the authors’ names. They have names like “crunkista” and “crunkadelic”. These names are so cute.

The location of the people involved in this blog lead me to believe they are from  the south.  “CRUNK” is a southern term. The blog is also connected to twitter and has a list of artists to show support so it is an all around pretty balanced blog that doesn’t bash on problems but instead gives an alternative way to get information out.

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