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February 7, 2012 § 2 Comments

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Offourchests is a blog and a women’s magazine that wishes to make women and girls happier around the world by offering a place for the sharing of stories, lessons, questions and inspirations. The original creators of the website are parents Eva and Seth, who after having their little girl EllaRose, decided that they wanted her to be the happiest girl she can be, which meant fighting negative stereotypes and other ideas and norms which would ultimately limit her happiness. What I found amazing is the fact these parents started so early, wanting to get perspective from other women as well as create a place for EllaRose herself to express her opinions in the future, all while EllaRose is still very young. Many blogs have been dedicated to a variety of the topics discussed, but this preemptive approach to parenting and addressing women’s issues while raising girls makes me so excited for the future of girls and parenting. Eva and Seth outline their mission clearly to “rid womankind of happiness hating inhibitions” and to “help women and girls feel better about themselves.” Eva and Seth have also labeled their movement “chestism,” which promotes girls and women speaking out and loudly (aka getting something off of your chest). As far as content goes, there are some regular bloggers, but overall the blog encourages public participation through posting, commenting, and questioning, which can all be done anonymously if you so desire.

Offourchests offers a wide range of issues neatly organized into categories at the top of the page. The major sections include: happiness making, happiness hating, chestisms, wtf?!, lifestages, bodies, love and sex, and cumulative effects. Happiness making is more or less dedicated to breaking gender roles and other
inhibitions with a positive twist. Happiness hating is a place to look deeper into the inhibitions themselves and some of the darker sides and stories of being a women, allowing for a focus on problems in self-esteem , media & culture, balancing work and life, etc. Chestisms is especially for inspiration, advice and food for thought, definitely my favorite section. WTF?! focuses on the research side outlining statistics and other data specifics related to gender issues, but is still developing and needs more research blogging. Lifestages helps to organize content based on audience separating experiences of those who are in school, growing older, single, moms, or working. Bodies tackles issues of body image, eating disorders, beauty and plastic surgery. Love and sex, well covers love and sex and here is where any sexuality issues are discussed. Cumulative effect refers to the Hollywood imagery, fashion, gender roles and stereotypes which come together to restrict and define women.

While I believe this blog generally speaks to a large group of women, there is little about culture and intersecting identities. In the future I hope this fills out as the blog continues to grow and that overall the audience widens.

In conclusion would definitely recommend this blog to all women and parents who want a feel good blog that still tackles serious issues. The personal stories and at home feeling here is fantastic and before leaving look at those chestisms to remind yourslef things like “stop comparing yourself to others.” I am impressed with the framework laid, the mission and idea behind it, and am looking forward to more posts.

§ 2 Responses to Offourchest – A feel good blog

  • colekulina says:

    Wow, I am in love with this whole blog, especially the creators of this. Whenever I have children, I want to do the exact same thing with them, but not only with my girl(s), but with my boy(s) too, such as if they want to play dress up like a princess or play with Barbies, then that’s what my boy is gonna do.

  • Interesting approach. Is the blog for parents or for kids or both? I’m not sure why the creators needed to invent a new word “chestism,” when “feminism” already does the trick.

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