Human rights: education

February 7, 2012 § 1 Comment

This Rolling Stone article is long but extremely important in documenting the cases of LGTB abuse and clustered suicides in Minnesota’s Anoka-Hennepin school districts.  Although I would encourage evryone to read the full article and comments I will summarize for the sake of discussion.  In the time span of about 2 years this school district has seen 9 suicides, 4 of which included individuals who were or perceived as gay.  The high rate of suicide is alarming enough but the first hand accounts of students reveal a LGTB group that is terrorized early on, and some just for not fulfilling gender norms.  What really makes the case get interesting is the school boards involvement in fostering the anti-gay environment through policies heavily influenced by Christian activists.  The first described has been labeled “no homo promo” forbidding teachers from EVER discussing homosexuality because of fears that it will promote homosexuality.  Such a policy, however, instead created hostility towards differences instead of highlighting them or promoting tolerance.  Later they finally change the policy to “neutrality” but still not allowing space for the discussion of gender and sexual diversity.  There is now a case against the schoolboard which claims the district has denied LGTB students the human right of equal access to education.  What do you think? Are these students being denied a human right? Or are all children equally subjected to bulleying as some of the commenters have suggested?


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  • colekulina says:

    My mom emailed me this article and I still haven’t gotten a chance to read it all, but I knew my opinion of this whole story before I was even done with the first paragraph.

    Honestly, this whole situation is just…well, bs. The fact that a part of the United States is even allowed to be so hostile towards people who are different from the norm is just sickening. What do people in this area think of these suicides? That it’s a shame? Good riddance? Sadly, this isn’t the only area that this stuff is happening, but the fact that it’s so concentrated in this area just flabbergasts me. Why are we allowing this hatred on our children? Why are we showing them and bullying people for being different is okay? Just. Ugh.

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