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Over the past few weeks I have been following a blog called Feministing. As the title of the blog suggests, it is an online thread for feminists created by feminists. This group of women aims to form a community atmosphere for their followers by not only having Feministing, their main blog, but also a campus blog, social networking sites, and by allowing comment threads. The women who created the blog aspire to provide a place where a variety of young feminists can come together and discuss current feminist issues freely and opening, without fear of others’ opinions.

The blog covers a wide variety of issues such as feminism, racism, sexism, sexuality, as well as many other issues regarding politics. The blog itself has a very simple layout. While it isn’t known for its flare and extensive graphic design, it uses its overall content to draw in followers. The one notable graphic on the blog is the blog’s logo. The logo is of the traditional mudflap girl, but with a small modification–the middle finger. The logo is meant to be ironic in that it is taking something that is conventionally sexist and altering it to essentially say “screw you, sexism.”

Feministing appeals to people of all ages, genders, sexes, etc. with an emphasis on young feminist activists. The blog takes on several different tones, mostly because there are several different types of women that post on the site. It is largely activist and informational, but also has a humorous/sarcastic spin to many of the posts.

Recently, the blog has been discussing many issues within politics. For example, it has had various posts on women’s health care and the issue involving the Komen foundation supporting/not supporting Planned Parenthood. Feministing has also been discussing sexism in recent posts, one post commenting on the sexism (in regards to both women AND men) in this year’s Superbowl commercials. The blog is overall very informative, keeping its readers updated on what is currently happening in the news.

This blog is very intriguing to me and I would definitely recommend it to others. I enjoy the fact that the blog has many contributors and how it brings a variety of different perspectives into focus. The blog can go from informative and serious in one post to sarcastic and humorous in another. I also enjoy how the blog focuses on many different aspects of society. It brings to light many issues that most people don’t naturally think about and the blog makes it clear that these things are very important. I think it does a great job of pointing out flaws, as well as successes, in today’s society. One other aspect of the blog that I enjoy is that the creators consider it a community rather than a blog. I like how they are trying to create a place where feminists can not only learn about these issues, but also share their opinions as well. The blog is attempting to give a voice to women by encouraging activism.

Overall, Feministing is a great blog where feminists and non-feminists can learn about current issues regarding many social problems our society faces.



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