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I came across an interesting blog titled (en)gender, where self-named author Helen Boyd posts articles relevant to women’s issues, marriage, politics, and trans-Americans. The author gained notoriety in 2004 after writing the book, My Husband Betty, in which she quips on the gender, sexuality, sexual expression, and other experiences she and her partner Betty lived through.
Set up as a news-based blog, the author transitions between personal posts of writing to simply posting links, photos, or articles she deems relevant. Ranging from political posts jabbing Mitt Romney to a post including 100 trans-related blogs, Boyd represents and highlights issues for an oft-overlooked demographic. Recent posts on the site include articles from other websites, such as Queerty, which highlighted seven African-American LGBTQ people that significantly contributed to gay culture or politics. RuPaul Andre Charles was mentioned who is a dragqueen, author, singer, host, and supermodel of the world. A pop culture icon, RuPaul was the first cross-dressing supermodel and is now a positive role model for the Black community, gay community, and every intersecting identity between or related. Another post had a fascinating graphic depicting the “genderbread” person with accompanying scales of intersecting sexual identities and expression. Covering four areas of identity, orientation, expression, and sex the image is a sort of a community service ad for culture at large. Other posts include videos, trans rights issues, comical images of LGBTQ figures, and other politically-related topics.
Audiences for the blog may be entirely specific, targeting women who have experienced a marriage in which the partner alters their sexual expression, identity, or physiology. However, the topics and range of scope are much broader than the authors own, if extremely significant, experience. As mentioned before, the scope of issues highlight not just trans-issues but also cover ground with the larger gay community, politics, and a lightly-feminist perspective.
I would recommend this blog to anyone simply as a tool for opening ones mind to other people, ways of living, culture, and under-represented or mistreated Americans. Not just seemingly disconnected posts or a specific topic of postings, the blog seems to be a resource for a wide range of people…and not just in the United States. While the posts relevant to American political issues may be nationally limited, the ones related to trans-issues and sexuality reach a much further audience. Author Helen Boyd stitched together a positive yet intriguing news-based blog that helps inquisitive folks access a wide range of topics relate to the trans community, politics, and sexuality.


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