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February 6, 2012 § 1 Comment

The Feminist Wire is a is a collection of articles on feminist and other women-related issues. The site mainly blogs about sociological, political and cultural issues. Although most of the featured articles relates to women rights and discrimination amongst women, The Feminist Wire also includes a healthy amount of issues that relate to other discriminatory and concerning issues such as racism, sexism, poverty and war. I found interest in this blog as it is constantly up-to-date with real world events and therefore relates well to the woman who is going through problems in her everyday life.

Although I would assume most of The Feminist Wire’s audience are female, because of the many types of sociological issues it covers, people would find that many articles would relate to them some way or another. It’s articles help increase the awareness of certain problems towards people who might not be aware these issues to start with. Although any person could potentially submit an article to the blog, only the best, intellectually stimulating articles are handpicked to be featured. Because of different authors, each article on the site is different in tone but they all of them have a similar theme – defending human rights and equality. Most articles also seem lean towards helping women or otherwise who are currently experiencing these problems through advice.  One thing that piqued my interest in this website is the Snapshots sidebar that is located on the right of the screen. This sidebar shows the latest happenings in the news and a brief introduction to the issue and socio-political problems. Not only can I browse through it to see what I like, but sometimes when I’m surfing the blog and reading an article, an interesting spotlighted issue might catch my eye and I’ll be obliged to open that up and read. It is a good way to introduce the problems of today to audiences who are unaware of current news in the world today.

One problem that I ran into while reading the articles on this blog is that it is very one-sided towards feminism. Although I am all for women’s rights, I can’t help to feel like the bloggers are purposely trying to find a problem in every single issue in the world out there. Also because the articles suggest a strong alignment towards feminism, it feels like as though the authors are insulting those who do not seem to share the same views. As a reader who is experiencing this non-inclusion of different ideals, I find it very hard to be able to read and understand most articles. Another problem that occurs on this blog because of it’s strict feminist stance is the feeling that most authors put the blame on men because of their women-related struggles. I personally do not believe that sexism is entirely men’s fault and by blaming them, there are signs of sexism that shows through the blogs. One more thing that this blog is lacking in is the focus on American issues. The Feminist Wire claims to include international issues, but most international issues they feature are those that the American public are focusing on such as political and war related issues. As an international student myself, I would’ve liked more articles and knowledge on worldwide issues and to stop focusing only on the American public. After all, discrimination does not only stop at America.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a feminist blog to find people who shares the same views, trying to look for current events and issues relating to them, looking for a blog to help you with the socio-political problems you’re going through, or just wanting to know more about feminism, this is the right blog for you. However if your ideas about feminism are not the standard (as there are many types of feminism), this blog may not be the best blog as it may crush your confidence in your ideals and self concept. However, the articles feature do induce you to think deeper about the problems in our day-to-day issues, even though you may not share the same views as the author.

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