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February 6, 2012 § 1 Comment

The web is filled with all kinds of blogs related to gender issues. You can easily find a blog on any particular gender issue that interests you whether it is about politics, culture, or health. The blog I chose to do my media review on was The Feminist Wire. The reason I chose The Feminist Wire over other blogs was because I felt that the website had plenty of content as well as a very wide range of important gender issues. I believe it is important for a blog about gender issues to cover a wide range of topics because it has the ability to draw in more readers with a wider range of opinions. According to the blogs mission statement, The Feminist Wire’s goal is to provide the reader with “a socio-political and cultural critique of anti-feminist opinions, practices, orientations, etc., that block or limit the satisfaction of goods or ends that humans minimally require for maintaining a biological life.” After spending a few hours going through the blog, I can personally state that I felt that this blog was successful in achieving its mission statement through the use of its many interesting and diverse articles.

I believe that almost everyone who visits The Feminist Wire will appreciate the simplicity of the blog. As I searched the web for a gender related blog, I found almost every blog to be unorganized and hard to navigate. I felt as if I wanted to search for an article about a particular issue, I would waste a lot of time looking for it. The Feminist Wire however was very organized and easy to navigate. As soon as you enter the blogs site, a clean looking home page appears with a list of the most up to date articles. At the top of the page is a list of tabs covering a wide range of gender related issues such as politics, culture, sports, religion and many others. Once you select the topic you are most interested in reading about, a list of articles pops up and you can select whichever article interests you.

I believe that people who are interested in learning about gender issues will really appreciate this blog. The reason I believe that this page stands out compared to others is because of the wide range of issues it covers. The Feminist Wire fulfills the needs of all kinds of readers who enjoy all different kinds of topics. As I spent a few hours going through topics related to politics, style, religion and many others, I was happy to see a wide range of issues these articles addressed. For example, under the sports tab, you would probably expect there to be something about the Giants- Patriots Super bowl game that aired this weekend. However, instead of mentioning anything about the game in particular, the article focused on the rise of domestic violence on super bowl Sunday because of the rise of intoxicated men. I found this very interesting because in almost every mainstream paper, all you would probably hear about under the sports section would be about the game in particular.

It was clear that after reading the content of many articles, The Feminist Wire’s intended audience is for all kinds of women. What I mean by all kinds of women is that I do not think that The Feminist Wire alienates any type of women. I believe they do a good job in incorporating all types of women whether one is rich or poor, young or old, or black or white. Most of the articles in The Feminist Wire are related to women’s issues and it even feels as if the articles were written just for a woman’s eyes. Most of the authors who write for the blog are women and even the articles written by men sometimes feel a little one sided. The one thing I wish I saw a little bit more of in this blog would be some more male opinions on issues and then do some sort of compare and contrast between both sexes viewpoints. I understand that this blog is intended for primarily females but I still feel it would be a good idea to incorporate some male general viewpoints on some of the issues just so the blog would be more fair and balanced.

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend this blog to other people interested in gender issues. I found this blog to cover the widest range of issues which I believe most people will appreciate because they then have the ability to learn about many different topics. I also believe that the simplicity and easy navigation of the website would be appreciated by those who visit the website because they can easily find articles on issues that they find interesting. I would however recommend that when visiting this website that one should enter with an open mind. Many of the articles seem to be one-sided which I believe many people would find unappealing. I also would recommend men to visit the page because I think it’s important for people of the opposite sex to see how the other sex views certain issues. All in all, I really enjoyed many of the articles in The Feminist Wire and I would strongly suggest that those interested in furthering their knowledge about gender related issues should give this blog a chance.

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  • I wish you had shared an example of a “one-sided” article so that readers can have an example. Otherwise, it is hard to understand what you mean by articles that are only for a “woman’s eyes.” Are you suggesting that people who are not women cannot appreciate or learn anything about women without it being one-sided?

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