Sociological Images Review

February 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

The blog, Sociological Images presents an interesting view on the current social events occurring in our society today including SOPA, the current economy state, Beyonce and Jay Z’s new child, and presidential candidates. Given it’s name, the authors post images of a particular kind to further discuss their opinions whether it’d be a chart from a new study, advertisements or videos. This provides an interesting stimulation for its readers and I enjoyed reading their blog. What intrigued me was that the authors sought to raise awareness to images or language that we usually overlook but affect how we portray women or certain races. They are also updated on issues such as poverty and race and also how our current government system is continuing this racial discrimination by placing a glass ceiling above certain groups in America and condemning them for it.

An interesting entry they wrote was about Tiger Woods and how comments about his performance were affected merely because of his race. As successful as Tiger Woods may be, he is also subjected to racial discrimination. When he was losing, he is more likely to be described as “lazy”, “lacking in concentration” or “lacking in controlling his emotions” than his colleagues. When he was winning however, these stereotypes disappeared. In a general study, they found that when White athletes won, they are often more credited for their natural talent but when they lost, people often credit it to external factors rather than internal factors of these athletes. The story is quite the opposite for Black athletes. In general, they are harshly treated for their losses and credited less when they succeed.

Often times, gender and race intersects in the injustice issues that the authors presented and it affects all aspects of life for these specific groups of people. In an entry regarding women’s body size. A picture of Marilyn Monroe in a bathing suit and another of an extremely skinny woman in a bikini were placed together and the punch line reads “f*uck society. This is more attractive than this (arrow pointing to Marilyn Monroe)” The author presents an interesting point in that since when was only one body type considered beautiful? Women need to start questioning the products and media pushes them to purchase to make themselves look “beautiful” by society’s standards. We rarely question where these ideals come from, who the money goes to and who is the biggest profiteer in putting all of these ideals in our head.

The two examples above are some of the many examples I found that were intriguing on this blog. I would recommend this site to someone because of the relevance in the topics that the authors choose to write about and also presents issues in a different light that can raise their reader’s awareness in the hidden and symbolic racism and sexism today. These stereotypes and hidden discrimination are often silenced but its effects continue to generate stereotypes, underemployment, welfare cuts, and unfair judgment. Today as we are faced with another presidential campaign, it is important to recognize these issues and place them in as a priority.


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