GenderFork: Beauty in Ambiguity

February 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

I am new to the idea of blogs and have had a good time looking up different blogs to find one that I have either really liked or really disliked. I found a blog that is really good for people who are beginning their blogging experience and want to start slow. The blog was called GenderFork.

In this blog there is a variety of different categories to look at, pictures, videos, quotes, and profiles. The blog is created to support a all kinds of gender identities. The blog lets you see gender identities from a wide variety of people in many different ways.

The picture category lets you simply see pictures of people. The pictures let you see a variety of different gender identities. This category is my least favorite because it doesn’t tell you anything about the person. I did however find the photos intriguing. I grew up in a very small town and have not seen very many transgender or transexual people. The video category lets you see stories that people post which is a good way to really see what they think. I didn’t spend as much time on the video part as much as the other categories because I would rather read, but the videos definitely have an entertainment factor to them that makes the blog even more diverse in means of the media provided. The next category is a quote category. This section really let you see what people were thinking. The quotes were anything from wanting to be accepted to definitions of who they are. I liked this section because the quotes were real thoughts. My favorite quote was from an anonymous person, it reads “I think it would be nice if EVERYONE was able to be first judged on their character, not what might be under their clothes. I think that androgyny might sometimes be a blessing, that some people should be forced by an absence of gender presentation to consider the PERSON standing before them.” This quote really rang true with me. After seeing all of the wonderful people on this blog, I was annoyed that they are often alienated because of their appearance.

The profile category was my favorite by far because it showed you the pictures but you also got to see a profile of the individual in the picture. The profile listed items such as their preferred name, what they identify as and the pronoun that they prefer. It also says things like what they are attracted to, how they want people to act while talking to them, and what they want people to understand. I personally loved this part because being from a small town, I know nothing about genderqueers, which is the term that was used very often in this blog. I learned a lot just from the few pieces of information that were given in their profiles.

I know this is not a typical blog, but I found that I didn’t like typical blogs. I felt that there were too many arguments on some and others just didn’t interest me because I have never taken a class about gender or anything like that so I haven’t formed many opinions yet. GenderFork was a good blog to start with because it wasn’t just a bunch of opinions being thrown around, instead it was real people that you could see and felt like you got to know them. It gave me some insight on gender and what it can really mean besides just boy and girl. I would recommend this blog to anyone but especially to anyone who is new to the blogging world or the issues involved with gender and want to start out small.

Under the title GenderFork on the heading of the website are the words beauty in ambiguity. After looking at this blog I have to say that many of the people on this blog are some of the most beautiful people that I have ever seen. I think sometimes beauty is all about knowing who you are and accepting it, the people on this blog can say that. That is more than most people of a strictly boy/girl gender can say.

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