(BLOG) Girls cant What!

February 6, 2012 § 4 Comments

After 3 weeks of blogging I still wasn’t sure what the buzz on blogging was about, wasn’t even sure what the term blogging meant. After a little research and reading different blogs I found out that blogging is no more than an online journal anyone can edit or post on. I decided to explore the blog called “Girls Can’t WHAT!” This blogs name drew me in because when growing up I was never allowed to hang out and do things with my brothers simply because I was a girl. This interested me to see what other females had in common with me.

Upon entering this site, I quickly found that it is not strictly a blog; this site was created to help empower young women. As I was navigating through the site I found a touching story as to why this blog was created. Gretchen shared her true-life story as to how she was always told she would not ever be able to do a lot of things growing up. But Gretchen always seemed to prove everyone wrong. In this essence she is now sharing her stories to help young women believe and go for what they want. Gretchen even wrote a little bit about what she wanted to achieve creating this site; she says, “My childhood experiences prompted me to create the “ Girls Can’t WHAT?” It is here I share my personal experiences along with amazing stories and interviews from some truly inspirational women. Together, our purpose is to encourage women to pursue their dreams no matter what roadblocks they may encounter.” Reading that last sentence of her statement had me wishing I knew about this site as a young girl.

I started to read through some of the posts on the blog. After hours of reading, it made me think back to why. Did I push myself hard to do everything I wanted to as a young girl that I was always told I could not do? There were a few stories that really stuck out to me. One was about a young girl who was from Yemen. She was married at the age of 8 which is normal for that country. At the age of 10 she decided that she did not want to be married, she was not happy. She took this into her own hands, walked into the court room and demanded a divorce. The judge felt sorry for her because she was so young and she was granted a divorce. This young girl became an international icon because of her bravery. Another story that really touched me was about a girl who was on the football team. She was actually better than any of the guys on the team, yet she still had to get ready for the games alone in her own dressing room because she was a girl. She never let any of this bother her. She just kept striving to prove no matter what, she could do it.

This blog provides tons of stories just like these two from young women across the world aging from 10 to18. There are also many inspirational stories from older women sharing their past experiences, and how they were able to over come any obstacles put in their way. This site even has a gift shop where you can purchase a girl riding a bull or shooting a gun in the military. This site was very user friendly and simple graphics were not over done. I would highly recommend this site to any young lady who needs words of encouragement to strive for what she wants even though the world is telling her no, you a girl.

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