Activism for Today’s Feminists

February 6, 2012 § 4 Comments

There are many blogs on the internet dealing with gender, race, class, and sexuality. Some deal with one of these issues, other all or a few. discusses all of these issues through quick snippets and gives links to get a more detailed story elsewhere. There are multiple authors, all from different backgrounds and viewpoints. Of course, their views expressed on the site all fall under the umbrella of feminism. A neat aspect of the blog is that anyone can post, as long as it is not anti-feminist. This is a forum promoting feminist activism and young feminist thoughts.

Feministing was created in 2004 when a woman working for a national women’s organization felt young feminist voices needed to be heard. With two other women, who also worked for this organization, they made this blog because they believed the mainstream movement was not appreciating all the younger generation had to say. To add to this younger generation voice and activism, they have a Feministing Campus portion that is dedicated to encouraging feminist activism on college campuses. This gives students resources and opportunities to learn and express what it means to be a feminist today.

The intended audience for this blog is a younger generation of feminists. The topics discussed range from political, such as femicide, Planned Parenthood funding, and the Republican Party, to social issues such as domestic violence relationships, women in sports, and same-sex marriage. These are not exhaustive and deal with issues other than just gender. The writers discuss racial, class, and sexuality as well. Intersectionality is shown throughout the blog and the different viewpoints allow for a thorough look into feminist issues. The links on the site lead to articles and to other blogs on the web. This gives credibility and insight to the topics being discussed. Anyone can write on this blog, giving their audience a say in the discussion.

However, while anyone can contribute, the editors do reserve the right to take down any anti-feminist posts. This allows for the sight to be feminist friendly and help the young feminists to be grown and nurtured in a non-hostile environment. One could say that this makes the sight biased, but the “opposing view” is the social norms we live with everyday. These norms are the very reason this blogging sight is even needed for feminists to come and share their ideas and support. Not that this blog doesn’t have room for improvement. I feel more information could be included with each idea or announcement as well as for Feministing Campus. The topics discussed are quality ideas, but they only scratch the surface. I want more substance.

All in all Feministing is a blog focusing on issues young feminists today deal with and care about. It is a site dedicated to activism. Either by encouraging today’s youth to participate or just informing them, the authors give multiple perspectives that move across barriers such as class or race. While the blog could benefit from more substance, it is a great attempt at encouraging activism to our generation.

§ 4 Responses to Activism for Today’s Feminists

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