Women’s Human Rights in the U.S.

February 5, 2012 § 1 Comment

The essay “Women’s Human Rights: It’s about time!” brought up a lot of different points and ideas relating to women’s human rights. First of all, I was not even aware of all of the treaties and conventions that are involved with the issue and I’m glad that I am now made aware of them. One point that stuck out to me the most in this essay was the acknowledgment that many conservative groups in the United States “framed women’s rights as threats to family, nation, and God.” I see examples of this all the time in the media and it always makes me think of the idea of seperation of church and state. Sometimes it feels as if conservative groups, specifically Christian groups, think the idea of seperation of church and state doesn’t apply to their ideals because Christianity is the dominant religion in the U.S. The essay used the Global Gag Rule as an example. This idea that was implemented by President Bush completely goes against women’s human rights but it is hidden behind an anti-abortion agenda.

This essay brought to light the idea that the United States still has a lot of issues with women’s human rights. I think a lot of the time, the general public of our country believes that the denial of women’s rights is something that only occurs in backwards countries and that the U.S. has everything right. But this essay illuminates many problems that exist but are often overlooked. One issue was the idea of “blaming the victim” and another was the practice of blaming women who recieve welfare and the many problems with welfare. Overall, many countries, including the U.S. still have a lot of work to do but some progress has been made and important points established. The essay states, “The resistance to the application of the human rights framework to problems in the United States (sometimes called “U.S. exceptionalism”) has been hard to overcome but there are hopeful signs on the horizon.”


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