“The Curvature” Review

February 5, 2012 § 1 Comment


The Curvature is a feminist blog that analyzes political, social, and cultural events in the world. Set on a simple purple and black design heading, the web page is open for the public to view and comment. The posts however are written soley by the author. The blog’s founder and author, Cara Kulwicki is a feminist writer who lives in the United States and began The Curvature in 2007.

On her blog, Kulwicki writes about many gender issues and also addresses other intersecting identities including race, class, socioeconomic status and sexual orientation. The primary audience for The Curvature is anyone interested in women’s and racial issues. The blog touches on many different events and its tone is generally informational as well as those of an activist. It covers everything from examples of patriarchy and misogyny in society to violence against women and girls and women’s health. Many of the posts cover controversial events but some are commentary on her personal interests such as the music of George Harrison. The issues covered range from local occurances in society to more global events.  Some examples of events that Kulwicki writes about are sexual assault in schools, book reviews, the issues of rape and oppression in prisons, trans-gendered equality, music and musicians, the media’s portrayal of sexual assault against women, women’s careers, abortion, international issues related to women’s human rights and patriarchy, immigration, and parenthood.

Kulwicki writes about these events and issues with accurate details and information but also gives her opinion on the rights and wrongs of the situations in relation to human rights. She often analyzes events through multiple intersecting identity perspectives, not just strictly from a women’s viewpoint. The author also asks for reader support on some issues and calls for participation. For example, in April 2007, Kulwicki posted a link to the Planned Parenthood Pledge so followers could sign it if they so choose. The tag “action alert” contains posts that call for reader action. Another example is a post entitled “Send a Holdiay Message to an Incarcerated Survivor of Prison Rape.”

The Curvature also provides a list of other notable feminist and women’s rights blogs. Additionally, it has links to “troll bingo cards” that mock certain anti-feminist views. The links bring some humor to the blog. Examples include “anti-breastfeeding bingo” and “sexist joke bingo.”

I enjoyed perusing the blog and reading the articles that caught my attention. The posts are well written and the information and commentary easily drew me in. The topics are interesting and thought provoking. I recommend this blog to anyone that is an advocate of women’s rights and interested in staying up to date with issues of gender, race, class, socioeconomic status and sexual orientation. Furthermore, The Curvature is a good starting point for people who are interested in these issues but have not explored them before. As a person new to blogging and learning about feminist issues, I found this site very informative and interesting and I will be visiting it in the future.


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