“Sociological Images” for your Sociological Imagination

February 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

“Sociological Images” is an interesting blog that appeals to all kinds of bloggers across the world! It targets absolutely everyone who is interested in finding his or her sociological imagination. This blog caters to “seeing is believing” and finding “sociological inquiry” in all sorts of topics, issues, and events. Not only does it discuss gender, but also it discusses race, cultures, nationalities, health, geology, violence, fashion, social media, religion, ethics, stereotyping, politics, society, and rights of people.  These topics are written for and about different races, genders, and sexes, to show aspects of all people. These issues are brought to bloggers attention by videos, articles, links, texts, and commentary by the authors. It is definitely an informational blog that simply brings stories, issues, and events of the world to the computer screens of bloggers so that they can explore their own sociological imaginations.

The informational cite is sometimes serious but also offers light hearted or humorous articles. Some examples of topics include the average calories ingested by Americans during the Super Bowl, gender-neutral babies, white privilege, media news critiquing the culture of the Dutch, and how men who shop are seen as incompetent. These few articles have touched on the basis of gender, men, culture, and health. These are fun, interesting, and definitely valuable topics that are taken for granted each day and may not be talked about in the nightly news. This site also gives the opinions of those who are not usually spoken about, such as an article about how men are victims of assault not just women. The authors and editors of “Sociological Images” are Lisa Wade, Ph.D and Gwen Sharp, Ph.D. Other contributors are from many universities along with the public’s emails about what they would like to have written or shared. The blog itself is very professional in black, white, and red colors, with tabs of Editors’ Picks, Most Popular, In the News, and for Instructor. These different tabs have many different articles and links in each. The instructor tab even offers sociological topics to teach and learn from.

As a new blogger trying to figure out the technology of blogging, I found this cite to be refreshingly easy to follow and figure out. Instead of the typical blog that aims to address a certain type of people and talk about specific issues such as feminism, race, gender, or rights of others, it addresses all issues and is available to anyone is the world that wants to receive this information. It does not favor patriarchy, feminism, racial discrimination, or oppressive aspects; it shares topics and opinions on all of them! This website to me feels free for everyone to learn about every type of issue and opinion in the world. The material is interesting, helpful, and very insightful on topics that should be brought to the world’s attention. I felt welcomed on this blog, because I did not feel intimidated to share the certain view as the writer. The blog simply shared information on events and issues, and light heartedly provided knowledge and opinions on such. I would definitely recommend this website to everyone I know, because it is written to all people, not just one group of activists or believers. It gives freedom to bloggers to read information and have their own opinions on what was just reported.


The link to this blog is http://thesocietypages.org/socimages/


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