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ColorLines was  established in 1998 first as a print magazine and then as a daily news site offering discussions about current racial justice issues. They explain their purpose perfectly on the site:

“ is published by the Applied Research Center (ARC) a racial justice think tank using media, research, and activism to promote solutions. We consider racism a structural problem, and that perspective informs our journalism. features dynamic, hard-hitting coverage of the day’s stories as they unfold, synthesizing complicated stories with multimedia features and breaking open new conversations with investigative reporting. covers stories from the perspective of community, rather than through the lens of power brokers.”

It’s produced by a small group of multiracial writers who aren’t afraid to voice about race and its relation to topics such as arts and culture, criminal justice, economy, environment, gender and sexuality, global affairs, health, history, immigration, media, national security, politics and school and youth. Although the public isn’t approved to actually write the articles, they are more than welcome to comment on them. If someone is interested in contributing a piece, they must first send an “editorial query” that is reviewed by the team.

The site offers many interesting links including a News and Analysis link which covers the latest news on topics such as racial profiling in Connecticut, the prison industrial complex, and critiques on gender and race issues in upcoming movies; another link is that of Investigation which encompasses questions like the digital divide, children being lost from parents thanks to the deportation system, and America vs. the census; and an Action link that informs people of changes already happening and opportunities on how they can participate. Other links contain articles which they’ve named infographic (articles with statistics), interactive (articles with polls related to the topic), photo (articles with various great pictures), and video (which I think is self-explanatory). There’s also a section of blogs and columns that is very interesting.

I believe the site is intended for anyone who’s attracted to current racial issues, as it’s the main focus. It’s highly informative and the voice of opinion or difference of opinion to any problem gives it a sense of genuineness. Also, the group who established the site are professionals, which reinforces that authenticity. I highly recommend this blog for people who are interested in receiving and learning about current racial problems. The articles that I had the chance to read were very surprising, educational and inspiring. The blog is updated daily on various topics and there’s also the opportunity to receive weekly digests of stories. It’s legit!


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