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February 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

Queers United is an activist blog to help educate and unite people on the topic of sex/gender minorities and sexual orientation. This blog was created to help reduce oppression related to sex and gender. It is also to make people aware of their unfair discrimination placed upon individuals of sex/gender minorities. This is a place where gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, or alliances can come together and be a powerful voice to those who discriminate against them. This could also be a place where sex or gender minorities can come and relate to one another and share feelings on a given topic.


This blog covers a lot of issues related to sex and gender. This includes anti-gay, asexuality, bisexuality, gay adoption, gender identity, and homophobia. This blog is well organized with a blue profile. The homepage is the actual blog and there are other tabs to navigate the site easily. A rainbow flag is placed in the upper right hand side of the site as a symbol of what the site stands for.


I think this blog is ran by a small group of people. Posts are not allowed from outsiders, but anyone can comment on a blog post. I think this blog appeals to individuals of sex or gender minority or straight people who strongly support them. This is an activist blog that also informs followers about the gay community. This blog does not only cover the issue of gender or sex, it also covers race, religion, politics, and immigration.


I think this site is interesting to read. A lot of the posts are ‘words’ that gay people use that maybe straight people have never heard of. Some things I came across were a little repulsive but the majority of the posts were worthy of being read. What I found most interesting was the stories that were posted. I could hardly browse the site without diving into the next interesting story or video. This site has not been blogged on for almost a year so I would not recommend getting a subscription to it.  This is  definitely an interesting site to browse and widen your perspective on views related to sex and gender if you are interested in these types of issues. In the few hours I have spent examining this site, I have learned to view certain issues with other viewpoints, other than mine, in mind.




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