More topics doesn’t always equal a better blog.

February 3, 2012 § 1 Comment

As a new blogger I never realized that there were so many blogs that touched on the topic of gender. Over the past couple of weeks for my media review assignment I have been reading through the blog, The Crunk Feminist Collective.  This blog is aimed towards a specific audience of men and women of color that are from the hip hop generation says their mission statement.  But after reading through the blog it seems as though the majority of the people contributing are women of color even though the men are welcomed.  It took aim to a certain population but when other people on the rare occasion would comment they were welcomed and not turned away.

As I read through the posts and comments I came across mixed emotions at first not knowing what exactly the blog was about or what I thought of it.  One of the first posts that I came across was intriguing, it was all about making a point to put yourself first at times instead of taking care of everyone else.  I liked where the blog was going and how many people left insightful comments to go along with the posts.  After going through some other posts I saw that opinions were expressed upon many issues such as gender, sexism, racism, politics, home issues, etc.  This blog was all about speaking up and telling other people what is on your mind.  It took on the role, if you have something to say then speak up.  It has some good information but the blog seemed more about picking things apart and giving your opinion.

I like the blog in the aspect that it covers many different issues and topics in life.  The posts relate to things going on in the media and people speaking their opinions about the issues at hand.  I like that people lay out their thoughts for others.  The topics seem very relevant and interesting to many.  It is also more directed towards adults that follow what is going on in the world.  It is also laid out quite well and very easy to navigate.  You can look through all of the different topics of posts to choose what you want to read about.

I don’t like that the blog is only supposed to be for a certain population.  I think that if it didn’t say only for people of color I would like it better.  It seems as though a lot of the comments when looking through some of the political issues were about the issue of white people.  Even though a few of the posts were from the white population I think it would have given a wider range of opinions if the blog wasn’t aimed towards specific people and was open to everyone.  Some of the posts had a negative connotation that I didn’t like.

I wouldn’t exactly recommend this blog to people I think there are probably better ones out there, but I feel like it is more of a personal preference of whether you want to follow a blog.  So if you want, take a look at it and see for yourself.


§ One Response to More topics doesn’t always equal a better blog.

  • You are correct in identifying how the crunkfeminist collective does speak to a particular audience. How could using your sociological imagination help in understanding the voices and perspectives of this blog? What about applying what you’ve learned about intersecting identities?

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