February 2, 2012 § 4 Comments

Sex Gender Body is a blog that I have been following and reading for some time now. I want to say that I discovered it over the summer, but I am not exactly sure when I discovered it. While I have always been a semi-active activist for a long time (I want to say maybe since sixth grade), for some reason I got kicked back into it my senior year and it has just never stopped. I believe that this blog has helped me, as I do see multiple posts from them everyday. Sex Gender Body is a blog that could be found on Tumblr, which is something that I am on everyday, so that helps me keep up with it since I just see it right on my dashboard. The blog could be found at:

Just from looking at the title, Sex Gender Body, it is pretty obvious what this blog focuses on, though those words are not the only thing. Its tagline on the front page is “A direct, honest and respectful conversation about sex, gender & body,” which is as close of a warning as you will get about the things that you will see on this blog, which could get graphic. It really seems that depending on what day you venture onto the blog will determine what you first see on it. On some days it will be nothing but political articles, links to sign petitions to try to make the world a little better place. Other days you will see nothing but pornographic images, as “sex” is a huge part of this blog. To put it simply, sometimes I have to be weary of when and where I look at this blog since it could be very not work/public friendly. But of course being the type of open person that does not bother me at all, it is just other people I have to worry about.

This no doubt is a blog that I would recommend to people. It seems like daily (even multiple times a day) I will reblog something from here since I believe that people need to be aware of the situations that are going on today, as this blog will very often touch upon injustices with the world, no matter where or what the situation is. Just today the blog was talking about Planned Parenthood and how they stand with them. I believe that these political situations are something that everyone should be aware of. Though as I said above, I do have to be careful of whom I share this blog with since some things could be seen as offensive. Also, this blog does touch base on what would be consider “triggers” and will normally give a trigger warning. These things include issues about self-harm, rape, etc.

Despite the title only being three words, this blog really does touch base on just about everything: race, class, ethnicity, sexuality, you name it, they will talk about it. Though if I had to think about what they blog the most, I would say that they do blog a lot about women, race, and sexuality, but the other subjects do happen as well. Posts will sometimes include multiple of subjects at the same time.

I am trying to think of anything negative that I could say about the blog, or what I would change, but I honestly cannot think of a simple thing. For my personal preferences, I believe that this blog is perfect. Though there may be one thing. In order to make this blog “user friendly” where everyone could use it, maybe they could cut down on the porn. But hey, the whole reason for posting it is to show people that sex is something natural that we should not be afraid to talk about or share. So I suppose it is all about personal preferences.


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  • Thanks for introducing me to a new blog. It’s clear you are a big fan. But I’m surprised that you have no critique of the porn on this site! When I browsed it, there are images of interracial porn all along the right side of the page. I can’t tell if its the blogger’s content or advertising. The images have no commentary or anything that helps the viewer understand why it is there. While I am a sex-positive feminist, I still don’t think porn reflect the “naturalness” of sex. What do you think? What is the purpose of the porn?

    • colekulina says:

      I suppose there is a reason for that. SexGenderBody seems to go on random bouts of when they post porn. One day their feed will be nothing but porn and the next it is no where to be scene. When I wrote my media review, this was one of their dry spouts and I did not even think to critique it. When this blog does show porn, they still try to go with the theme of the blog, whether it be interracial, homosexual, and what not. They tend to post the really kinky stuff too.

      Believe me, I agree with you with the whole porn does not reflect the naturalness of sex, but think about it. If someone sees some raw, kinky sex that may leave you metaphorically blinded, doesn’t natural, “normal” sex seem like not such a big deal anymore? I am not saying that is the purpose of porn, I believe that it is posted to get someone’s rocks off, but with this blog posting porn, I believe that maybe that’s what they are trying to do. Or they are simply trying to show those who do enjoy rough kinky sex that it is okay to like it. It is showing that there are other’s that enjoy it too and that you are not some freak or anything of the sort.

  • sexgenderbody says:

    wow. you totally get us. thank you so much! every now & then, I look at the google searches about our sites and this has to be the best, nicest and dearest surprise yet!

    we’re just a place to embrace all that there is regarding human bodies, sex & gender and to create a space where expressions coexist on their own and not by devaluing others.

    so, thanks. ~arvan

    • colekulina says:

      Ha, I’m glad to do it. That post was for my Gender and Multiculturalism class last semester and I thought that you guys were the perfect blog to do it on. Hell, even on Tumblr I’m still reblogging your things daily, so….you’re welcome!

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