Racialicious media blog review

February 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

The blog I decided to write a review on was the racialicious blog.  This blog hits on many subjects including race, feminist issues, and issues worldwide.  I really enjoyed this blog because it encompasses many aspects of activism, humor, and information.  I think this blog brings to the table extremely relevant topics for all ages, and definitely appeals to a younger generation.  When reading the topics on the blog it cant help but make you want to do something about the issues brought to the table, no person can read the topics and be ok with what is being put out there whether its about race, or gender, or something happening in a different country it is something that needs to be addressed and if anything have light shed upon it.

I think one of the most moving posts was the blog topic on the film 5 cameras.  It really sheds light on issues in other countries and opens peoples eyes to realize that the little things we take for granted like getting to work, walking in the street, or expressing opinion about an issue are things that these people don’t have the luxury of, and is more of a distant dream or hope.  I think the title 5 cameras was extremely fitting for the film and shows a personal and unique side of what day-to-day life is.  Although a man films this film, he speaks with his wife at one point about being arrested in the night and her concern of what she would do.  They have children she needs to take care of and who would be bringing home money for food and other such things just to survive.

Other topics the blog touches on are very current in our own country and something that floods magazines and commercials everyday, fashion and movies.  These two topics both touch on the race aspects of our culture as well as some feminist issues.  One of the things that really surprised me was that article done in Elle magazine.  The quote, “For the first time, the chic has become a plausible option for a community so far pegged (only) to its street wear codes…” As the blogger touched on this comment being said has so many issues it’s hard to comprehend that a fashion magazine so widely distributed and read has not issued an apology statement for all the people affected and offended by it.  If you are going to be a highly regarded, and distributed magazine responsibility comes with holding that type of position.  When the people who represent your company and who you stand for make mistakes you are to take responsibility and at the very least issue an apology to the people affected.

This blogs topics and entries touch on things that as students in college we should be aware of, as well as topics that are extremely relevant not only to women but of race as well.  I think sometimes we get to wrapped up in our own personal issues that issues way bigger and pressing than us get drowned out, this blog brings you back to reality and forces you to realize that there are issues not only around the world, in our country, but in our own personal community at Purdue that should be put above the petty issues that consume most of peoples lives.



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