Black sheep of your own nation

January 31, 2012 § 2 Comments

When reading Helen Zia’s essay, “From Nothing, a Consciousness,” I can truly say that I can understand what she is going through and can relate to how she feels. In the essay, Zia expresses her experiences as an Asian American in America as it was occupied with the Vietnam War. Because of the fact that she was Asian (not even Vietnamese) she felt as if she was not even wanted in her own country of birth because of the fact that she looked like those who the US were battling. But that was not the only struggle that she faced. Not only did she have to battle racism, but sexism as well, and unlike her peers, she would not put one in front of the other.

This essay I would like to relate to my own experiences when it comes to gay rights. Even though I was born in this country and have lived here for my entire twenty two years of existence, I cannot help but feel like a second class citizen because my peers and I are not receiving the same rights as those of heterosexual couples. Zia and I are both the black sheep of our country because we are not those of the norm and just how she overcame her battles, I hope to overcome mine as well.


§ 2 Responses to Black sheep of your own nation

  • nurumu says:

    The main reason why I enjoyed this essay was for the same reasons… I hope we both will be able to overcome the system we’re in.

  • katielee87 says:

    I can completely understand why that would be frustrating and I hope that with time society will change and move forward. I could see how being on Purdue’s campus would make it hard too because it is such a conservative campus. I recently transferred from a school in California and I immediately noticed such a difference between how open people are to others. It was like culture shock to suddenly be in a place and hear racist comments and other things like that. This class is definitely a breath of fresh air.

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