The “marriage killer”

January 30, 2012 § 4 Comments

I was reading this article ( and was completely stunned that almost the entire weight of the blame was placed on the women who “nag”, rather than examining the issue of their requests not being respected or even taken into consideration by their partners.  What’s with that, dudes!?


§ 4 Responses to The “marriage killer”

  • amandamanbear says:

    While I’m also skeptical about this article, I do think that it’s writer is attempting to give couples helpful advice, however misguided that advice may be. I think what we should be asking is why is it that women are depicted as being naggers while men generally are not? To me it seems that the cause of “nagging” is that the nagger’s requests are not intitally rejected but agreed to and the nagger persues that their requests will be fulfilled. Is this idea of women’s concerns being ingored rather than discussed a valid trend?

    • Tiffin says:

      I would agree with the points you are making. This depiction of women being the naggers is a stereotype created by society. Since men are placed above women in the hierarchy, women and their ideas are devalued. This could be why women “nag” because men are ignoring their concerns and they wish to be heard. Not saying that men do not nag, because they do, but women are portrayed as always being the naggers. So instead of focusing on the stereotype marriages are being hurt by wives nagging their husbands, we should explore why women would need to “nag” in the first place.

  • It’s hard to tell. I think it seems like one of those stereotypes that has just been accepted, for the most part, by our society. I know when someone complains of nagging, my mind immediately jumps to a picture of a disgruntled hausfrau. I can’t help it. The act of nagging itself implies, for me, a kind of powerlessness. You can’t get someone to do what you want them to by asking once, so you feel forced to check up on the person and remind them again and again. Basically, your voice isn’t effective.

  • ebestrom says:

    I think the reason that women are stereotyped as the nagging partner is because women are stereotyped as the managers of the household. When ever anyone manages something the successes or failure of the venture reflects directly on them. They, as the manager, delegate tasks as necessary and some people resent being managed. The manager by default is responsible for all the tasks. When they delegate and the person they delegate to does not complete the task it creates a problem. Problems create stress and stress makes people react in ways that do not help the overall situation.

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