The Social “Way” to be a Woman/Man.

January 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

Your sex is based on your biological body parts. Your gender is something that is based on society’s expectations, the way you dress, look, and behave. When I read Essay 11 and 25, they both brought up many thoughts and points of reality for me. The process of gender I would have to agree with. I love the fact that I grew up as a girl and knowing I was “a little princess” who loved to wear pink and purple. I like how I was raised to be myself, given the opportunity to play any sport, and be able to switch it up to enjoy tea parties.

The structure of gender and how we divide work is what I have a problem with. I feel that there shouldn’t be a devalued gender and that are roles in society should be equal—unfortunately, that would be in a fantasy world.  Women have progressed over the past 12 years and are now doing construction work, owning our own businesses, running for president, and even CEO of predominantly male corporations. It is great to see such change occurring, but why is it that we still have a “second shift”? We work hard to make it in this economy and to sustain our status, but have to come home to a “second shift” of maintaining our home and family with excess duties of cooking, nurturing, and cleaning. The house role is something that should be shared equally among spouses. Women should not have to cook and clean all the time while men watch TV and just take out the trash. Its’ one thing to not know how to do something, but to not use an ability because its “not manly” or “feminine,” that is absurd—especially when it can lessen the load on your spouse.

Following Gray’s prescription of the normal heterosexual couple is not one that I agree with. A man shouldn’t be quick to tell a woman what to do, but not eager to express his feelings to her. A woman shouldn’t have to do all the work and not be able to complain or ask for help. It is a “way” of doing things, but not always the “way” society expects and portrays things. It should be a “way” where genders are treated equally and not bombarded with such expectations and socially “correct ways.”


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