White Privilege

January 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

WARNING: The video I have uploaded does include swearing.

I just recently watched this video a few days ago and it is a response to the original parody of “Sh*t White Girls Say to Black Girls”. The original video was made as a sort of joke portraying a few phrases that may be commonly said, given the context, but some of the phrases may not be used or said but everyone. I found it relating to one of the first reading, “White Privilege Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack”, and its relation in aspects of mass media. It also relates to the video presented in class by Jay Smooth. The white gentleman who made the video argues on behalf of black people and the video not being racist by noticing the disadvantages and also noting a few things located in his “knapsack”. A really good example he uses is that “being white is like being a blank slate.” Meaning a white person can walk around and act however they want to and they will be judged upon their actions, whereas, a person of different race are likely to be judged on how they look rather than actions.

A person commented below this YouTube video with this, “That’s pretty poor logic, friend. And if you think this video and not the institution of white privilege is what’s dividing us into groups… then you live far from the reality of American life.” This statement I believe did not critically watch and think about what the video was saying. The author of the video in turn responded, ” i never said the video is what is dividing society. I said according to a general definition of racism, the video (or anything that claims there are white, black, and other “races”) is racist. Or looking at real political and economic issues, like wealth distribution and social class, and saying this is based entirely on skin color, is racist (and simply untrue) do you know where the social construct of “race” first took shape? hint: a certain institution in the colonies.” To be honest, his response has deep issues presented.

I feel like this video and the video with Jay Smooth are great examples of this topic and really help to explain a few factors dealing with race and white privilege.


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